CAP Newsletter  - December 2018

The CAP Board of Directors is giving the gift of a holiday break. No meetings or parties to attend. Also, know that the CAP Board is using he time to organize for an exciting 2019. 

JANUARY 1 – CAP Denver Network Meeting Cancelled for holidays


JANUARY 8 – CAP  Boulder Network Meeting Cancelled for holidays



Outlined below are some activities we are working on and who to contact if you have information to share or want to help. 


FEBRUARY 5 - CAP Denver Network Lunch Meeting: Topic to be Announced


FEBRUARY 21 -  CAP  Boulder Network Breakfast Meeting:   topic to be announced 




CAP Board and CAP Legislative Committee (Dr. Reo Leslie, Seth Geer, Dr.  Heather McQueen and Carol O’Dowd are planning a January kick off the new year. Watch your email for a CAP annual business meeting 

We will be honoring Representative James Coleman is sponsoring our bill to establish continued professional competency requirements for Registered Psychotherapists.  The requirements will mirror those currently in place for social workers, marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors. 


If you are interested in helping with outreach to legislators, contact Seth Geer, LPC, CAP Board Member at or contact CAP Advisory Board Member, Dr. Reo Leslie, LPC, LMFT, CACIII, RPT-S, DAACS, MAC,   at



Watch your email.  Jen Hansen, Vice President and Scott Olds, Treasurer are working to update the CAP website to make it more user friendly.  The new site will be easier to use for updating membership information and registering for classes and meetings. As part of promoting those who helped us with our outstanding conference, Carol O’Dowd, Diane Doe, Betty Cannon and Reed Lindburg will be posting highlights from some of the great talks. 


Other adjustments will include posting blogs and videos that promote the practices of our members.  Watch for announcements highlighting CAP members on the website and how you can add yours. For more information contact Jen Hansen at or Scott Olds at

CAP Newsletter  - January 2018

CAP BOARD IN ACTION!! Here is an update on initiatives underway by the 2018 CAP Board.  CAP Members voted in 11 members to the CAP Board. They join four advisory Board members.

HELP GROW FINANCES/MEMBERSHIP GROW -- Treasurer Scott Olds, RP has taken the reins as our new Treasurer. Board Member Ed Bostick joined  CAP members Greg McHugh and Steven Blakely with starting up a CAP Denver Network. They welcome new ideas and suggestions.

FOLLOW CAP ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Vice President, Jen Hansen, CCHt, RYT, RP,  and Board Member Krista Kimmel  are on promoting CAP Events on social media.  Check us out on MeetUP and Facebook.

GET TO KNOW COLORADO LEGISLATORS: Dr. Reo Leslie, Chair of the CAP Legislative Committee and CAP Board Member Cat Hughes are meeting with legislators to make sure Registered Psychotherapists are held to the same standards as other mental health professionals. If you are interested in helping with an Adopt-A-Legislator program or how to maintain the right to practice as Registered Psychotherapists, contact Cat or Dr. Leslie via our website

LEARN HOW STATE REGULATIONS IMPACT RIGHT TO PRACTICE: CAP Treasurer Scott Olds, RP, Vice President Jen Hansen, CHHt, RYT, RP, and Board Member Ed Bostick work with CAP Advisory Board member Jim Carr, Esquire, to share information on how to stay current with mental health regulatory requirements. Scott and Jen are compiling material for maintaining professional mental health practices and complying with Colorado regulations. President Carol O’Dowd attends the meetings of the DORA Board of Registered Psychotherapists and hopes you will join her. 

 USE CAP WEBSITE TO PROMOTE YOUR PRACTICE: Jen Hansen, CAP Webmaster, has set up a website that serves our members as well as the association. Check it out for latest information. Vicki’s current project is to add features that will promote member practices.  If you have suggestions or want to help, contact Jen at

ATTEND ANNUAL CONFERENCE – SEPTEMBER 15-16  WITH INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS   A big thank you to CAP Advisory Board Member Betty Cannon who led efforts to put together an exciting package of two days of workshops with keynote speakers – Pat Ogden and Deboroah Bowman.  Be sure and go to the website to register and take advantage of the member registration rate.


Secretary Melissa Ryan is keeping an accurate record of our meetings and events.  

Board Member Judith Miller, Ph.D. and Advisory Board Member Dr. Carol Ann Watson, are informing students of the substantive work of Registered Psychotherapists. 

Advisory Board Member Jim Carr, Esquire provides legal analysis and updates for us to post for CAP members to access.

Board Members Karin Dremel and Kate Thompson supported Advisory Board Member Betty Cannon with confirming a full year of speakers for Boulder CAP Network. 

On behalf of the CAP Board, we hope you join us at one of our CAP Network meetings on Feb. 6 or Feb. 15.    President/Ex.Dir., Carol O’Dowd, MPA, M.Div., RP

Be advised that a member's listing with the Association does not verify their qualifications, licenses or certifications. Likewise, listing specialties does not indicate Association sanction or approval for services claimed by members.

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