"Using Group Therapy for Personal Transformation: Working with Transference, Countertransference, and Enactments

  • 15 Aug 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Boulder Psychotherapy Institute 1140 Lehigh Street, Boulder, CO


  • Group Therapy talk


CAP is hosting Betty Cannon, PhD, and Robyn Chauvin, MA, LPC 

Join this exciting talk on the deep level psychotherapy groups are effective for healing because we tend to relive our old wounds interpersonally. This talk will review how working with transference, countertransference, enactments, and corrective experiences can help to create a milieu for radical change in group therapy. This talk will include examples and a couple of experiential exercises to give you a taste of how group therapy works.

In group, we have many more people available to relive those old scenarios with than in individual therapy. Someone in the group may remind us of mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, stepparents, etc. The group as a whole at times may feel like our family of origin.

The bad news is that we find ourselves repeating past scenarios with other significant people in our lives such as our partners, bosses, teachers, friends, children, etc. The good news is that an effective group provides the opportunity to explore and work with those old wounds and to heal them in a way that everyday life often does not. In other words, the group can be the family that was and the family that never was––but ought to have been. If this happens, the group may provide the vehicle for healing and positive transformation.  Learn more at boulderpsych@gmail.com, or visit the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute website at www.boulderpsych.com.

Betty Cannon, PhD, a licensed psychologist with more than forty years of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups in Boulder. She is the president of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute (BPI) and the founder of Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP). She is the author ofSartre and Psychoanalysis and numerous chapters and articles on existential therapy. She formerly coordinated the group program in the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Master's Program at Naropa University.

Robyn Chauvin, MA, LPC, is a senior trainer at BPI and has taught in the group program at Naropa University. She has worked with individuals, couples, and groups in Boulder for more than twenty years. She will be beginning a 60-hour intensive experiential training in AEP Group Therapy at the Institute on September 14, 2019. Students find Robyn a powerful and effective group leader and trainer. She has extensive experience working with groups both in private practice and inpatient settings.

To get in touch with Betty or Robyn, call 303 494 0393 

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