Boulder CAP: Dreams & the Dreamer w/Robin Chauvin, MA,LPC

  • 19 Apr 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • LePeep's Restaurant, 2525 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder


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“Dreams & the Dreamer: How to Uncover the Existential Message in Our Dreams”, Robin Chauvin, MA, LPC,   faculty member of Transpersonal Counseling, Naropa University 

Please bring a dream to the meeting. We sometimes get great work from dialoguing with missing dreams. Even dream fragments, however short, can provide potent images to explore. Enjoy this interactive presentation whether or not you have a dream that you remember. 

Learn how dream work can bypass inhibitions of the rational mind and delve into the deeper issues of therapy. Explore ways dreams can provide metaphors for the whole course of therapy and can be referred to again and again. Robin will share the value dreams play as part of moving us on our path towards authenticity. She will review an existential phenomenological approach to dreams developed at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute (BPI) which invites the client to enact the dream.

By allowing ourselves to become the dream characters and speak as those characters, we discover its very personal meaning for us. Sometimes we even speak as characters that are obviously missing, such as the missing railings on a dream stair case. All of the objects and people in the dream, including the dreamer and the missing objects, are approached as characters. We look for the tension in the dream and invite characters to speak to each other. The dream as a whole is also regarded as a character and may be invited to speak. It holds the dream’s “existential message.”

Robyn will explain dreams including the role of characters and missing objects in dreams. Attendees will be asked to share dreams in dyads, attending to the “existential message” of your dream. Robyn will demonstrate AEP Dream Work with one volunteer and followed by discussion of the impact of sharing the dream had on group members. 

Robyn Chauvin, MA, LPC, is a faculty member in the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Master's Program at Naropa University. She is a certified Gestalt therapist, AEP therapist, and music therapist. She is a senior trainer at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, where she also conducts practice, process, and supervision groups. In November 2018, she will be offering the second module of the AEP Level I Training at BPI: AEP Group Training. She is an excellent teacher and consistently receives rave reviews from students. There are still some spots open in the upcoming group training. Learn how to join a new Dream Process Group for therapists as part of the BPI training program.

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