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Credibility and professional stature are one of the primary benefits of joining a professional organization. Being a member of a professional organization with a code of ethics is more important than ever since the 2011 Sunset Review of the Colorado Mental Health Statute. We recommend that you read and become familiar with the statute and understand the reasons why membership in a professional organization such as CAP has become much more important.

"Professional Membership" in CAP is reserved for those whose practice of psychotherapy is currently authorized by Colorado Mental Health Statute under the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Division of Professions & Occupations.

CAP benefits available to active members include:
   Promote Your Business and Practice through the CAP Therapists Directory
   Members can post their Events on the Membership Events Calendar for free advertising to the Public
   Use the CAP Chat Forum to Network - Learn about each other and give referrals
   Improve Your Website's SEO with links to and from the CAP Website
   Enhance Your Resume -- Serve on the Board or a CAP Committee
   Use Speaking Opportunities at our Meetups and Be Part of Future Speakers Bureau

We often rely upon members as speakers to provide the educational content at CAP Network meetings. Also, in the planning stages is a speakers bureau to promote speakers among CAP members for public events. You may post your credentials as a speaker and they will be available to the general public who come to our website. This feature will take some time to develop fully and will require volunteer help to manage.

Professional Networking: 
Become active in your area with a CAP Meetup Network. Get to know therapists in your area. Share your knowledge and talents with a local project. Also use the CAP Chat Forum to post questions, requests, make announcements, etc. 

Professional Support and Development:
CAP offers educational and networking meetings regularly, as well as an annual workshop and conference.
The CAP Board is supported by an advisory board of professionals who can provide support to our Asso
ciation and our members. Member sponsored events are also a rich resource for professional development.

General Networking: 
We build a community for our members by providing Meetup networking events as an important source of support for each other. 

Legislative Representation:
We keep our members informed and up to date on legal matters that affect their practice. We spend most of our small budget on lobbying to protect the right of registered psychotherapists (formerly "unlicensed" psychotherapists)to practice in Colorado. The benefits of our efforts benefit all psychotherapists and the public.  

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Be advised that a member's listing with the Association does not verify their qualifications, licenses or certifications. Likewise, listing specialties does not indicate Association sanction or approval for services claimed by members.

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