Contact  Information 

Correspondence Address:
Colorado Association of Psychotherapists
P.O. Box 270471
Fort Collins, Colorado 80527

Board of Directors for 2017:

Board Members/Officers:
Carol O'Dowd       President

Karin Dremel        Vice President

Vicki Ellis              Treasurer, Webmaster

Jen Hansen           Secretary, Website Team

Advisory Board Members:
Jim Carr, Esq.       Legal Counsel

Dr. Betty Cannon         Exec. Dir., Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

   Dr. Reo Leslie         Exec. Dir., Colorado School for Family Therapy;
 Legislative Consultant

  Dr. Carol Ann Watson    Exec. Dir., America's Academy of
Coaching, Counseling, and Hypnotherapy

At-Large Board Members:
Kate Thompson

You will find more of the individual Board of Directors' contact information within the CAP Membership List.

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