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Correspondence Address:
Colorado Association of Psychotherapists
P.O. Box 270471
Fort Collins, Colorado 80527

Board of Directors Through 2018:


President Carol O'Dowd, MPA, M.Div., RP

Vice President  Jen Hansen, B.Ed., CCHt, RYT,  RP

Treasurer Scott Olds, RP


Advisory Board Members:

Jim Carr, Attorney-at-Law 
Carr Law Colorado
CAP's Legal Consultant

Dr. Betty Cannon, Ph.D. 
President Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

Dr. Reo Leslie, LMFT, LPC, CAC III, 
Exec. Director Colorado School for Family Therapy;  
CAP's Legislative Consultant

Dr. Carol Ann Watson, Ph.D., MS CAC, CJS, CCHt
President America's Academy of 
Coaching, Counseling, and Hypnotherapy

Board Members:

Ed BostickMPA, CCHt, RP
Karin DremelMTS, HP, RP
Vicki EllisMS, MLC, RP
Catherine "Cat" Hughes, BS, CAC I, RP
Krista Kimmel, BA, RP
Judith Ann Miller, Ph.D., RP
Melissa Ryan, MS, LPC, MCC
Melissa Ryan, MS, LPC, MCC
Kate Thompson, MA, CJT, BACP, RP

You will find more of the individual Board of Directors'
contact information within our Colorado Therapists Directory.

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Be advised that a member's listing with the Association does not verify their qualifications, licenses or certifications. Likewise, listing specialties does not indicate Association sanction or approval for services claimed by members.

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