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CAP Conference 2017 is moving to 2018.
We will have more details to follow with emails sent out.
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Colorado Association of Psychotherapists (CAP) is a nonprofit organization supporting the professional development and promotional needs of registered psychotherapists in Colorado.

  • CAP provides Registered Psychotherapists a Code of Ethics to work under.
  • CAP provides conferences, networking, volunteering and continuing competency opportunities. 
  • CAP provides professional representation (a consultant, attorney, and Sunset lobbyist) with the Colorado Legislature and Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), along with DORA and Legislative Updates
  • Membership profile page categories, which appear within the directory, are extensive, and include credentials for specifying registration, certifications, licenses, degrees, and other training to help Membership display their diverse areas of expertise, education,  experience and skills to the public.
  • Through the Colorado Therapists Directory, CAP helps Membership promote access to their diverse and wide range of mental health service choices. 
  • In addition to its own Events Calendar, CAP helps Colorado promote Psychotherapist related events to the public with the Membership Events Calendar.
  • CAP has Meetup Groups and a Facebook page for further Membership business promotion, networking and continuing competency opportunity notices, discussions, referrals, etc.
  • CAP has the CAP Chat Forum for Membership ONLY to carry on CAP-only conversations.

CAP urges all of its members to get to know their legislators. You Might Invite Your Legislator to Lunch.

CAP members offer a wide range of emotional wellness services based on each member's educational background and training, registration, certification and licensure, providing both alternative and traditional evidence-based approaches. Visit our Colorado Psychotherapists Directory to learn more about how CAP members meet the diverse needs of our changing world.

Because we are a volunteer organization, we continually seek psychotherapists interested in helping expand and enhance our networking and professional development offerings, which are open to the public. 

If you are not a member, please consider joining. Help us enhance public access to diverse mental health professionals.

Members, please log in to visit our 'Members Only' pages to access our:

  • CAP CHAT Forum
  • Legislative and DORA UPdates
  • Membership Events Calendar
  • CAP Chat Forum
  • Member Profile Tips
  • Therapists Directory Tips
  • Membership Calendar Tips ... and there is more to come....

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Engage in the Legislative Process:

See this Recent Legislative Update

CAP Membership Levels:
  • professional membership for practitioners
  • student membership
  • associate membership opportunities for associated businesses who provide goods and services to psychotherapists.

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Please explore the site, contribute ideas to the CAP newsletter, attend a CAP Network educational or networking event, help with legislative monitoring, updating the web site....

Thanks for visiting us.

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